Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Giovanni Bacareza - Chikka

Experienced executive in international business management and operations, Giovanni Bacareza is currently, the Director for Business Development at Chikka Asia Inc. He is responsible for identifying and seizing business opportunities in the North and South America, and also manages the company’s operations in the said region.

Prior to his post at Chikka, he was vice president of Manila-based Ajonet Holdings Inc., an investment holding company where he was involved in P&L management, strategic planning, and technology development in both large multinationals and small startups.

In March of 2002, he garnered QNET Communications Inc., a nomination for “Best Public Communications Kiosk,” at the Kiosk Excellence Awards in Florida. Giovanni then, headed QNET Communications Inc., as chief-executive officer (CEO).

Giovanni was also involved in I.T. systems, both in the Philippines and abroad. These companies include New York-based Freelance.com, where Giovanni was country and regional director for the Philippines and Asia (2000); Microsoft Philippines Inc., where as a manager of the Business Productivity Group, he oversaw all channel and customer marketing, and also conceptualized and implemented marketing strategies for Microsoft’s products and programs (1999); Telefonica De EspaƱa (1994-1996), the Spanish national telephone company, where he received management training in Financial Systems, Information Technology and International Operations in the Mobile Division.

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