Thursday, February 21, 2008

Conference Program


DAY 1, May 20, 2008, Tuesday

1. Evolution of Social Networks
As the Internet becomes popular and friendly, every Internet user is able to form their own social networks in various forms such as chat, forums, discussion groups, web sites, blogs, trading or auction, photos, web-to-mobile phone text messaging, wikis, file-sharing, and web sites that serve as a meeting point for users to share personal developments and connect to other people. This track covers the various developments and where will it go.

Keynote: Social Network Analysis
Dynamics of social networks, its potential, challenges, and growth.
2. Creating Passionate Users
3. Dynamics of Friendship and Dating Networks
4. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Lifestreaming in the Philippines
5. Marketing and Communications in Social Networks
The Internet has become social and presents new challenges for businesses to be heard amidst the noise. The power of the user is growing in terms of controlling their information and whom they only want to heard of. Are you capable to engage in this new space?

5.1. Profile of the social-network-powered Consumer
What is the profile of social network user today? State of the social network
5.2 Marketing through Social Networks
Marketing and advertising campaigns through social networks.5.3 Marketing through Social Networks: In-Game (case study)

DAY 2, May 21, 2008, Wednesday

1. E-Commerce in a Social Network Environment
2. Business Models for Social Networks
3. Doing E-Commerce in Games and Virtual Worlds
4. Application Development Platform Opportunities
Panel to tackle how to create a social network application, portable widgets, working with big players, and funding opportunities in their application development platform programs.
5. Improving User Experience in Social Networks
6. Creating Portal Widgets
7. Social Network Legal Challenges - There are legal challenges in building and being part
of social networks. This includes user data protection, libel, copyright violation, hacking,
pornography, among others. This session discusses this and how can you protect yourself.

Registration Fee: P8,500.00 for 2 days inclusive of snacks, lunch, and conference kit.

Discounts: and Early Bird Payment:
- 15% for Digital Filipino Club Members
- 10% for Early Bird with payment due March 30, 2008
- For a group of 5, One is free.


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